Project websites

These websites are created with a variety of web tools—node, jade, and markdown—all to avoid having to write html. The jade files are used to render html (i.e., generate html files with the same base name) when running make. The markdown files contain most of the textual content, and jade includes them during the rendering. This project can be used as a template for other websites simply by replacing or customizing the content to suit a particular need.

The steps to build and run the example are below.

Install dependencies

Use npm to customize the local install:

sudo npm install

This will create a node_modules directory; please do not add this directory in git. These are not source files and should remain unversioned.

Customize the content

Build the website

Run make. This will render all the html pages. The home page is index.html.

Commit and push to

The websites will appear here:

(It can take a few minutes for github to update the website; be patient)